Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Google Voice Transcription Fail

I received a voicemail from someone earlier and this is how Google Voice transcribed it. What follows is an un-edited version of the transcription copied directly from Goolge Voice.

"How about us and we were over in this day before that out about putting an A. K. A jammed up when you get up. I'll talk to you see, maybe a meeting to go to bed about the thought of it, but I don't have an about sweetie. If the week actually and was so but I want to make yes Stockton I could meet up inside August and this is to seek any rebaugh, christony Alastair, Bob in their Choctaw course of action, but it at the end of the, if any. If you said you had So mail beat. Com though you about get any connection. I'm call. I guess about the comic wish for those. It's about the meeting, try to take care bye."

Can anyone guess what the topic of conversation was from this? It's just hilarious, isn't it?

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speech typing said...

I would say that Google voicemail is really a good feature and useful to but when it comes to voice transcription it really worse as of now and not working fine and needs a lot of improvement in this service.