Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nokia DVLUP program

Let me formally introduce myself first for new followers. My name is Paras Wadehra and I am a Nokia Developer Ambassador. Now you may be saying to yourself "Wait a minute, I have no idea what that means!" Hold on to your reins and I will explain it all to you.

Well, in simple terms it means that I have phones to give to you - yes, you! If you write an app for Windows Phone and put it in the Windows Phone store, I can give you a phone. I hear people saying "But I do not want to pay $99 a year for the Windows Phone store developer account." Well, I have a solution for that as well. If you are a new developer who does not have a Windows Phone store account yet, I can provide you with a token so that you can register for first year for FREE! Now, how cool is that!

But wait, there's more! Nokia recently announced their new developer program called DVLUP (pronounced just like develop). If you register at you can get points for doing things that you already might be doing, things like creating an app, updating your existing apps, helping other developers in the forums, etc. With these points, you can get Big Rewards. What rewards, you ask? Rewards like brand new XBOX 360 with Kinect, Nokia Lumia phone, JBL Powerup Portable Wireless Charging Speaker and more. Currently this program is in private beta so you will need a code to sign up. Follow and contact me on twitter (@ParasWadehra) if you need a code and I will happily provide you one. This will open up a whole new box of possibilities for you! Oh, and you can also get loaner devices from there to test your apps while in development.

So jump right in, write new apps for Windows Phone and bask in the glory and rewards you get!

Contact me on twitter @ParasWadehra or send me an email to get in on the goodness!

Paras Wadehra

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